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Shadows Upon Lassadar: Siege at Kurth
Shadows Upon Lassadar: Siege at Kurth
by Air and Nothingness Press (2013)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
10 minutes
  • Fantasy
  • Dice
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Todd Sanders
  • Mechanisms
  • Campaign / Battle Card Driven
  • Dice Rolling
  • Area Control / Area Influence
  • Press Your Luck
  • Artists
  • Todd Sanders
  • Family
  • Shadows Upon Lassadar Series
  • Theme: Siege
  • Rating: 7.32/10 from 15 users


    The Barons and their armies press deeper into Lassadar. Under the cover of a clouded moon the call rings out from the Citadel in Kurth - “They have breached the main gate and are advancing into the city!”

    You, one of the few remaining Arms of the Wardens, rise and go out into Kurth to defend the city against the coming onslaught. Can you last long enough for reinforcements to arrive end the menace of the Dread Barons...

    Siege at Kurth is a solitaire game lasting about 10 minutes, It is the final game of the second Shadows Upon Lassadar Trilogy

    Needed to play the game:
    18 cards
    3 six-sided dice
    40-50 eurocubes to be used as the markers for the Siege Forces (black)
    3 eurocubes to mark Mana, Spirit and the Game Rounds (blue)
    2 eurocubes to mark the Protected Locations (white)
    1 eurocube to mark the Passagway Access (yellow)
    1 Player Token to mark your current Location

    You must successfuly counter the Siege Forces of the Barons for 3 game rounds until reinforcements arrive. If you can manage to do this without a specific number of the locations (see Phase 4: Siege Loss below) being overrun by the Siege Force or without losing all your Spirit you win.

    Each turn (4 per round) has 4 phases:

    1. Upkeep - Deal 3 cards, add all bottom row values [reinforcements, bonus a/s, mana] then place new siege force markers on first 2 card locations unless location is protected. If an ‘or’ location, choose location with fewest markers

    2. Movement - Move your marker 1 to 3 locations in clockwise order around city [or use passageway if doubles rolled during previous Phase 3: attack]

    3. Attack - Roll attack dice, add modifiers, and compare to siege force attack strength + a/s bonus. spells may be used this phase

    You lose [you < baron]: consult spirit loss table
    You win [you ≥ baron]: consult siege force loss table

    One special action may be used in phases 1, 2 or 3

    4. Siege Loss - You must now check to see if a number of Locations are overrun:
    A location is overrun if it has more than 8 Siege Force markers on it

    Easy Game - 5 or more Locations are overrun
    Normal Game - 4 or more Locations are overrun
    Advanced Game - 3 or more Locations are overrun

    or if your Spirit level = 0

    If either of these conditions are met you have lost the siege.

    If not, discard the current 3 Action cards, place any Protected Location markers, depending upon applicable cast spells and/or Special Actions, and deal 3 new Action cards. If the draw pile of Action cars is exhausted, shuffle the discard pile and create a new draw pile; then move the Round Marker down one space on its track.

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