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The War in Vietnam: Map Campaign for 2 Players
The War in Vietnam: Map Campaign for 2 Players
by Ostfront Publishing (2016)
Player Count
1 to 2

Player Ages
  • Wargame
  • Vietnam War
  • Book
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Tom Jensen
  • Mechanisms
  • Simulation
  • Dice Rolling
  • STR-04 Solo Game
  • Family
  • Country: Vietnam
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    The War in Vietnam

    The War in Vietnam is a map campaign representing the entire war at a strategic scale. These rules focus on quick and easy play, and are designed for 2 players, or solo play.

    Forces on the map are considered to be unspecified until they are engaged in combat, at which point both players secretly choose the forces they wish to take, and then compare their results and roll off to inflict casualties depending on the types of units chosen. For example the US player might choose a Long Range Recon Patrol, who specialize in keeping a low profile and gathering intelligence, but can engage enemy forces if they desire. Meanwhile the Vietcong player has chosen Artillery. The players roll off and the LRRPs win the roll, spotting the artillery and forcing them to become "locked" as artillery so that other forces can engage them this turn and know what they're dealing with. The LRRPs can also choose to engage directly, potentially inflicting casualties on the artillery, but risk taking casualties if they do.

    Each faction has 11 different types of forces to choose from, and the combinations chosen have different outcomes, making for 121 different types of battle. Artillery vs Armor, VC Screening Forces vs US Marines, Air Strikes vs Civilians, just a few examples.

    Both factions track casualties and morale as a whole, and depending on their total casualties, their war support and morale will be effected. For example, too many US casualties will result in war support dropping and less troops will be deployed each turn. Rules for capturing cities are included, and they also have an effect on morale and war support.

    The game ends when one faction takes over 60,000 casualties, or if the Vietcong hold Saigon for 4 turns in a row.
    A printable color map with hexes is provided, 9 A4 sheets in size (3 X 3), but the author recommends that you get a large color map printed and laminated at your local print shop.

    —description from the publisher

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