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Brewtown Brou-ha ha
Brewtown Brou-ha ha
by (Self-Published) (2010)
Player Count
2 to 1

Player Ages

Playing Time
2 hours
  • Fantasy
  • Dice
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Environmental
  • Animals
  • Designers
  • Christian Vettrus
  • Mechanisms
  • Area-Impulse
  • Cooperative Play
  • Role Playing
  • Area Movement
  • Dice Rolling
  • Point to Point Movement
  • Artists
  • Christian Vettrus
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    A bi-collaborative game where two teams of gamers group together to try to accomplish game objectives and stay alive for the duration of this game set in downtown Milwaukee, WI USA. The game will involve dice-based combat, but will have multiple paths to victory for both the monsters and the humans, both fighting for different things.

    One group will consist of six monsters: a cow; a crayfish; an asian carp; a gorilla; a bluegill; and two deep-tunnel sewer rats. The other group will consist of humans, plus humans with functions like workmen, fire fighters, police, nat'l guard, and some super-humans like Lara Croft and ninjas might appear during gameplay.

    The game is driven foremost by the HO scale minis used in the game, and the plastic monsters. The toy value is what this Über-Ameritrash game is about.There will be multiple rule sets developed. Really, this game started with the toys, and a desire to improve an old game or two, while thematically morphing it into a game which featured downtown Milwaukee, WI USA.

    At this point it's a prototype. The game is a homage to The Creature That Ate Sheboygan, borrows from Heorscape and Monsters Menace America, requires some D&D features like THACO, and has lots of other options for tweaks and alt games.

    The "ha ha" is deliberate in the name because of the twisted humor woven into the fabric of the game. The "bronze fonz" is on the map, and either side will get a bonus for either destroying it or simply rubbing it for good luck. Names for the creatures also have built-in humor:

    Vince Gill: the bluegill who is also a Packer fan, but hates Milwaukeeans because of their fascination with the Friday Fish Fry. His desire is to crush restaurants which serve fish.

    Son of Samson: the undead giant son of the most famous ex-resident of the Milwaukee Zoo, whose goal is to get to the top of the Firstar/U.S. Bank tower and fling poo.

    Carpie Diem: an asian carp, who seized headlines recently as the no.1 environmental enemy to Lake Michigan. He can jump across city blocks and smash things under his weight. Very easily distracted by the Ladybug Club, thinking they are asian lady beetles.

    Holey Cow: a sympathizer with O'Leary's Chicago firestarter, this copycow is a Cubs fan and happens to breathe methane gas fires from her four stomachs, and out her nostrils. She's also capable of making massive cowpies which block city streets.

    'Hood Ratz: a pair of residents from our failed Deep Tunnel system, these rodents are skaven mad *wink* and capable of chewing through even the five foot thick walls of the Fed Bldg. They're also attracted to hip-hop music.

    Rebecca the Boiling Crayfish: (no relation to our new Lt. Governor of WI) she's looking for her crawdaddy in one of the restaurants that serve her brethren. The humans are in hot water this time.

    The game narrative is such that an event has taken place that, combined with the deep tunnel sewer failure, has caused six local creatures to grow in size and terrorize Brewtown.

    The Federal Bldg. is within the now quarantined section of Brewtown, and the goals of the monsters are many, but they have to achieve them before they are killed or the feds are able to call in the antidote. Meanwhile, the humans are to stay alive and kill monsters,while protecting buildings from fires, repairing blocked roads, and achieving other goals along the way.

    There are several groups of humans:

    Firefighters: complete with a new ladder truck, these six individuals have axes and hoses in hand *wink* to face any challenge.

    Police: one car (Milwaukee police are grossly underfunded) and a handful of officers help with attacks, rescue civilians, and keep the peace among the surviving humans.

    National Guard: these weekend warriors with five tanks were setting up for maneuvers downtown, ending in at the Veterans Memorial nearby when this hit. They've not got much live ammo with them for this reason, but they have plenty of rubber bullets of all sizes-and they look scary as hell. The can fly in one helicopter from General Mitchell Airport in a couple of rounds, and it will have the firepower they need, but the rest of the military is on furlough.

    Municipal Construction: several men on a job site with a huge dump truck, a CAT backhoe, and two CAT scoopshovels. They're tough enough to fight the monsters on their own with their equipment and they're experts at "catcalls".

    Waste Management: one unmanned truck full of Milwaukee's finest refuse, abandoned.

    Superhumans: activated at different times in the game when humans accomplish certain goals: a Lara Croft lookalike, with the guns to prove it; a ninja; two advanced swordplay students from the T'ai Chi Ch'uan center of Milwakee, and their leader Mike. Mike's wearing a Yoda costume he found at the Milwaukee Film office, and his mastery of push hands gives him the equivalent of the "force push". He hopes the creatures watched the trilogy, and fear him...

    The two collaborative groups struggle until the game ends for a variety of reasons. There are several paths of victory for either team.

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