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BG Stamps of Approval

We curated these "best of" game lists with unique attributes to help you find the perfect game!
Award Winning Games

The games that have been recognized as the best of their kind.

Award Winning Games (18)
Easy to Learn Games

Not a rule reader? No problem! This collection of games is for you, and are easy to learn!

Easy to Learn Games (25)
Fun for All Ages

These games are fun for all ages - bring on family game night!

Fun for All Ages (11)
Nerd Approved Games

Our staff picked their favorite games based on mechanics and artwork.

Nerd Approved Games (18)
Party Favorites

Fun and spirited games that are great for getting the party started.

Party Favorites (15)
Games with Quick Setup

Fast and easy games that can be played right out the box.

Games with Quick Setup (18)
Unique Gameplay

Games with interesting mechanics that set themselves apart from the rest.

Unique Gameplay (18)
Best Selling Games

A collection of our best-selling games of all time!

Best Selling Games (131)
Classic Games

These are the games that you grew up with that never get old.

Classic Games (10)
Games with Amazing Artwork

Games with bold and distinctive artwork that keeps you playing again and again.

Games with Amazing Artwork (16)
Highly Interactive Games

Games with physical interaction that get you up and out of your chair!

Highly Interactive Games (6)
Unique Theme

These games have a storyline that transforms gameplay in ways that other games can't.

Unique Theme (16)
Highly Replayable Games

Board games and card games that you want to play again and again... and again.

Highly Replayable Games (17)
Crowdfunded Games

Games that were brought to live by Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaigns.

Crowdfunded Games (5)
Travel Friendly Games

Compact games that bring hours of fun to your next road trip or camping adventure!

Travel Friendly Games (10)
Great Components

Games with awesome pieces or miniatures that put you into the game.

Great Components (13)
High Excitement Games

Action-packed board and card games that evoke a sense spirited competitiveness.

High Excitement Games (6)
Dynamic Setup

A collection of games that are different every time you play, meaning that they never get old!

Dynamic Setup (7)
Work Together

Games that bring players together to play for a common objective.

Work Together (10)
Expansion Packs

Additions to your favorite base games to add new dimensions & adventures to gameplay.

Expansion Packs (9)