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7 Wonders: Cities Board Game Expansion
7 Wonders: Cities Board Game Expansion
Item Number: AGDASMSEV03
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Money Talks

In 7 Wonders, having some coin can be helpful. You might use it to buy resources from your neighbor, but sometimes you can navigate your way through a game frugally without spending too many coins. That’s not how society works though! You need cold hard cash if you want to turn your city to the greatest civilization that the world has ever seen. Also, you might need it to pay off those pesky debt collectors! And that’s what the 7 Wonders: Cities expansion pack is all about.

Fun Details

This 7 Wonders expansion adds new elements to the classic game to help infuse the game with new layers of strategy. First of all, the expansion makes 8 player games possible, instead of the normal 7 player maximum. Second, a new type of card is added to the mix. Black cards are all about money! That means paying money to make yourself immune from the combat portion of the round, or exchanging money for some points, or even extorting money out of your fellow players. There are even special mask cards that let you copy one of your opponents’ cards. Finally, new tokens can put a real monkey wrench into your opponents’ plans. Get a dove token and you become immune from the combat portion of an age. Force your opponent into debt and they’ll get debt tokens which stick with them and give them negative points at the end of the round!

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