The Castles of Burgundy

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In The Castles of Burgundy you and up to three of your friends play as noble aristocrats with control over your own princedoms.

The Castles of Burgundy involves a game board and each player gets his own board to represent his princedom. The game is played over five phases, with each player rolling two six-faced dice. With every turn, you can the following actions (1) get a tile from the game board, (2) build your village by placing a tile on your own board, (3) deliver goods and (4) use worker tokens to adjust the value of your dice. Each die corresponds to one action and the action that you can take depends on what number you rolled.

When you've played all five phases, the player or should we say Lord that has the most number of victory points will reign supreme over the land.

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5.00 out of 5 based on 1 rating
1 review
5.00 Stars

BG Stamps of Approval:


30-60 minutes,
1-2 hours
8 to 13, 13
and up

What's in the box

  • Game Board
  • 6 Player Boards
  • 56 Building Tiles
  • 28 Livestock Tiles
  • 26 Knowledge Tiles
  • 16 Castle Tiles
  • 12 Mine Tiles
  • 26 Ship Tiles
  • 42 Goods Tiles
  • 20 Silverling Tiles
  • 30 Worker Tiles
  • 12 Bonus Tiles
  • 4 Victory Tiles
  • 8 Playing Pieces
  • 9 Dice
  • Rulebook

Type:Strategy Games

Format:Board Games

Theme:City Building Historical

Mechanics:Set Collection, Dice Rolling, Tile Placement, Variable Conditions


Designer:Stefan Feld


1 review for The Castles of Burgundy

  1. 5 out of 5

    One of my favorite games. It’s a tile placement game with a dice rolling mechanic used for buying tiles and placing them. Game has quite a bit to learn, but after a game or two it should make sense. I like it because I never feel like an action is entirely wasted, and the scores are pretty close in the end.

    Design wise, the art could maybe use some improvement. But don’t let that get in the way of playing this game.

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