Puerto Rico

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In Puerto Rico, players can select the role they wish to implement mayor, captain, settler, trader, prospector, craftsman, or builder. The game includes a separate small board with spaces for city buildings, plantations, and resources.

Money called doubloons’ is important to buy resources. It can be used to buy buildings, grow more crops, or gain abilities. For each round, a player takes his turn selecting a role card from the deck. When a role is chosen, every player gets to take the action appropriate to that role.

At the end of the last round, the governor that has ruled most successfully or the one with the highest victory points wins the game! Who will lead Puerto Rico to the greatest glory? If you’re up for the challenge of planning, maneuvering, and intelligent placement, Puerto Rico is for you!

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What's in the box

  • 6 Game Boards
  • 50 Goods
  • 100 Colonists
  • 8 Quarry Tiles
  • 50 Plantation Tiles
  • 54 Coins
  • 50 Victory Point Chips
  • 9 Role Cards
  • 50 Buildings
  • 6 Ships
  • Rulebook

Type:Strategy Games

Format:Board Games

Theme:City Building Farming

Mechanics:Resource Management

Company:Rio Grande Games

Designer:Andreas Seyfarth


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