Laser Khet 2.0

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Laser Khet 2.0 is an upgraded version of the previously released Khet. The latest version has lasers built-in to special Sphinx pieces that perch in the corner. These can now rotate to change the angle of the beam! The goal is to bounce the beam from mirrored piece to mirrored piece and hit your opponent’s Pharaoh.

The game consists of a slim, portable board and four types of Egyptian-themed pieces such as the Pharaoh, Anubis, pyramid, and scarab. The Pharaoh is your King, so protect him at all cost!

The first person to strike the Pharaoh wins! Use each piece strategically while shielding them from harm! In Laser Khet 2.0, the laser is your primary weapon. If you love a fun but challenging game, this game is for you!

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Type:Abstract Games Strategy Games

Format:Board Games

Theme:Science Fiction


Company:Innovention Toys

Designer:Del Segura Luke Hooper Michael Larson

Expansions:Laser Khet Expansion: Laser Splitter


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