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Zombicide: 2nd Edition – Monty Python's Flying Circus: Gumby Pack


An exclusive set for those that pre-order the Monty Python Flying Circus: A Rather Silly Expansion through CMON's website.

The Gumbys can be used in several different ways in your game:

Abomination: The mob of Gumbys work as a single Abomination, moving as a loud and clueless mob that can be taken out one by one. Their strength is in numbers, as they can overwhelm Survivors with their sheer stupidity (or a lucky brick to the head).

Companion: As ghastly as that may sound, the Gumbys can follow Survivors around as Companions, helping pummel zombies with their angry little clenched fists (it’s like throwing lemmings against a blender).

Survivor: If you gather enough Gumbys you can kinda make one half-decent Survivor. All 6 Gumbys together act as a single obnoxiously loud Survivor. The more there are, the more damage they deal hurling bricks, though each wound takes one Gumby out. Be careful though, as these guys are very prone to getting in the way of friendly fire.

—description from the publisher

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