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Zombicide (2nd Edition): Reboot Box


This box contains a plethora of new content to upgrade your Zombicide 2nd Edition game. Increase your roster of survivors with 39 colorful new characters and bring your old survivors back from classic Zombicide with the included upgraded ID cards. Challenge the Survivors with 40 new zombies, including 9 abominations and the wacky zombies form the Kickstarter's daily zombie spawns. 18 new pimpweapons are also provided to fight off these monstrosities.

This exclusive box contains all the goodies you need to take your Zombicide:2nd Edition game to a whole new level. Increase your roster of Survivors with an amazing array of colorful characters, and bring back your old Survivors back into the game with upgraded ID Cards. Face unthinkable threats with new Abominations and the wacky Daily Zombie Spawns (you even get some new Pimpweapons to fight them)!

Huge expansion of survivors, weapons, zombies and Abominations.

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