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ZEN??? ?? (Zen Tiles Solo)
ZEN??? ?? (Zen Tiles Solo)
by ChagaChaga Games (2019)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
5 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Youichirou Kawaguchi
  • Mechanisms
  • STR-04 Solo Game
  • Artists
  • Ai Miki
  • Family
  • Theme: Psychology
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    ZEN??? ?? (ZEN Tiles Solo) is a solitaire board game that challenges you to look at yourself objectively while placing emotion tiles on a 24-hour timeline.

    To win, you need to find a spot to place twenty different emotion tiles above these time boards, so think carefully about "your yesterday". You might have become happy about yourself — "I had a positive thoughts!" — or were perhaps surprised: "I didn't realize that I have negative feelings every time when I see this person."

    "Knowing yourself" is one of the most important processes to find a way to make our life better, and it is ZEN. Giving five minutes each day to yourself to play this game alone in a quiet place and listen to your soul could be good meditation for the people who feel tired every day.

    ZEN Tile Solo is a game through which you can learn your hidden emotions and organize them to make your life calmer and better.
    publisher's summary

    ZEN??? ?? (Zen Tiles Solo) published in 2019, has wooden components in a small, silver foil stamped box. It is a one player game. There are 20 Emotion Tiles, a time track and 1 Elegant Stone. The rules are in English and Japanese, with both languages shown on the Emotion Tiles. ZenTiles are from Fukui Prefecture, where the Eiheiji Temple, also known as the birthplace of Zen, is located.
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