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Things From Another World
Puzzle Master
by HABA - Habermaaß GmbH
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages
  • Educational
  • Designers
  • Corinna Hösl
  • Mechanisms
  • Pattern Building
  • Artists
  • Ales Vrtal
  • Family
  • Dominoes
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    A domino variant that uses dice as well as the domino cards. Of course, the cards can be used for a standard game of dominoes except that they feature an image on half the card and letters on the other half. You match a correct initial letter to an image (M next to Moon for example or vice versa). The game is housed in an attractive tin box.

    Other games are included that bring in to play the special dice. One dice is what wargamers would call a Fire Die. It has 1 x two on it, 2 x two on it and 3 times two.The other die has letters on each face, four letters or five letters. And sometimes they use the wooden Wizard figure that is included with the game.

    In game 1,2,3 - Magic! each player gets a hand of five cards and 12 cards are laid out in a circle, like a clock. However, a clock with 24 divisions because the cards are laid end-on thus forming a chequered track, picture, letter, picture, and so on. The Wizard is placed on one of them. The number die is used in this game. In your turn, you roll the die and advance the Wizard that number of spaces. When he has moved and lands on a picture space, the player looks at the picture and sees if he can think of a word that describes the picture. If he can then he must check his hand and see if the word he wants to use begins with one of the letters in his hand. If he does have such a card he can return that card to the box. If the Wizard lands on a letter space the reverse applies. The player looks to see if he has a picture card that begins with the letter. The first to use up all their cards, wins.

    In Enchanting Fairy, the letter die is used. Each gets a hand of cards. The Wizard is placed in the centre of the table comfortably in reach of all the players. The die is roilled and all the players look to see if they have a picture beginning with one of the letters face-up on the die. If they do think they have the right answer, they can grab for the Wizard. Whoever gets it first (several players might grab for it at the same time), announces his answer and, if correct, returns his card to the box. If he is wrong he must draw another card from the shuffled deck.The first to use all their cards, wins.

    Interesting additional fact. HABA add the usual disclaimer that the game is not suitable for under threes as some components could be swallowed. Nothing unusual in that except they write it in 40 languages!!

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