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?????????? (Animal Auction)
?????????? (Animal Auction)
by EJP Games (EJP????) (2020)
Player Count
3 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
20 minutes to 25 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Animals
  • Designers
  • Takayuki Mizuno (????)
  • Mechanisms
  • Set Collection
  • Hand Management
  • Auction: Sealed Bid
  • Artists
  • Takayuki Mizuno (????)
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    ???? (Choju-Okushon) ?????????? (ANIMAL AUCTION) is a Japanese card game with an unusual auction.

    Bidding, card drafting, and set collection!!!

    Make a successful bid for slightly rare animal at a bit of a curious auction!!

    Each player participates in a total of eight auctions during a single session, and collects animals that has its own victory point by bidding with each other.

    Players may obtain honorable titles when they collect up certain set of animals according to their requirement.

    A mechanic in this game which worthy of special mention is the moneys players bid are spent immediately and will not go back to the bidder. Each player decides their bidding price secretly, and reveals at the same time. Then, each player but the lowest-bidding player will take one card from the auction lot.

    The lowest-bidding player cannot take any card from this lot, but instead they take all of the money spent in that bidding!

    What a bizarre auction!

    Ladies and gentlemen, please try this peculiar auction by yourself!









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