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????????? (Dragon in the Mirror Labyrinth)
????????? (Dragon in the Mirror Labyrinth)
by popipopo games (????????) (2019)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
15 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Fantasy
  • Dice
  • Adventure
  • Maze
  • Designers
  • Mechanisms
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Cooperative Play
  • Dice Rolling
  • Artists
  • Family
  • Animals: Dragons
  • Dungeon Crawler
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    This is an asymmetric cooperative game in which two adventurers who have lost their way into the Mirror's Labyrinth, where the dragon lives, and one wizard who tries to trap them in the labyrinth.

    ? ? Victory conditions ? ?

    Adventurers win the magic sword and shield hidden in the mirror world and reach the dragon. The wizard wins if 4 wizards appear or change all labyrinths into a mirror world. Compete which is faster.

    ? ? The appeal of the game ? ?

    Adventurers can either move or flip the labyrinth tile. The number of actions is determined by the dice, but there is little difference. However, if the numbers are biased continuously, it can make a big difference. Enjoy your luck!

    The game system on the adventurer's side is a mix of whack-a-mole, which defeats so many wizards, and treasure hunt looking for weapons. I want to search for weapons quickly, but I can't get used to it because there are so many wizards.

    The wizard will win if 4 witches appear, trap the adventurers in the mirror labyrinth! But wizards are so weak that an adventurer can be killed just by passing. Get up again and again!

    Adventurers can flip the labyrinth tiles upside down like a mirror. Adventurers can make a path by flipping the labyrinth tiles, even if the road you want to go is blocked. Ofcourse you can flip the labyrinth tiles to keep the dragon away. The wizard will win if all the labyrinth tiles change the mirror world, so let's turn it over.

    Dragons that are a threat to adventurers and wizards move randomly according to the cards. The plan can be ruined by the dragon. However, adventurers can restart from the magic square even if they are attacked by dragons, so don't give up until the end!

    —description from the publisher

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