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Puzzle Master
by Bombat Game (2020)
Player Count
3 to 99

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Party Game
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    Degree: competition for adults only!
    Board Game Box Degree Want to diversify your party or any gathering in your home of up to ten people who are already 18 years old? Maybe you just need to liberate the participants of your corporate team building?

    With the board game Gradus, you will not only diversify your fun but also get an unforgettable sensation and experience with a touch of the piquancy of adult competition. But what can I say: the roof will blow away completely from jokes, gags, eroticism, and alcohol. Everyone will play the board game Gradus because you simply won't be able to get out!

    Hit the table with a Degree!
    Before the start, all players receive tablets, presented by the designer in the form of beer mugs, and tokens with the volume of alcohol consumed to record their achievements in conventional alcoholic drinks. Do you want to be limited to conventional alcohol and liters? Prepare thoroughly: a few bottles of pleasure and a good snack will not be superfluous. Companies of teetotalers can simply eat well and drink tea.

    The set includes 6 decks of cards with different themes:
    Basic - it is also basic and participates in all mixes;
    Alkotresh - the name speaks for itself, so the tasks are tied to the "alcohol" part;
    Move your body - tasks from this deck will crush your bodies sitting at the table;
    Tin - the special coolness of the tasks will blow anyone's mind;
    Spicy - a little eroticism will not hurt;
    Brain ON - don't want to move your body - move your brains. Components of the game Degree

    It is recommended to use no more than three task decks in one game party, shuffling two more decks from the base one if desired. A menu with a standard section and a part of wishes is also available for players.

    The goal of each player is to reach the liter or two-liter value on their tablet by drinking or drinking points. Points are awarded after completing a specific task.

    So, you are in an entertainment establishment, and just burn with the desire to drink! Wait for your turn and, in the clockwise direction, make a move: take a card from the general deck and announce your task to all participants. If you successfully complete the task, you will receive a point by noting the amount taken internally on the tablet. Please note that if you refuse to fulfill the conditions, then you drink a free "penalty" for which points are not awarded.

    During the game, you can use the menu once and drink your points to order any dish for another participant. The standard section is available at any time during the game, and the Wish Menu is available after completing the task. If the victim of your choice did not complete the task, then, like all losers, he drinks a "penalty", while receiving the right to use the Menu for free.

    The board game Degree can be adapted to suit any company by using suitable decks, making some decks suitable for families as well.

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