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?????? (Eight Wizards)
?????? (Eight Wizards)
by Game Nowa, Raw Potions Publishing (2016)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
25 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Fantasy
  • Designers
  • ??????? (Kenichi Kabuki)
  • Mechanisms
  • Betting/Wagering
  • Secret Unit Deployment
  • Hand Management
  • Card Drafting
  • Card Play Conflict Resolution
  • Artists
  • (Uncredited)
  • ?????? (Takamakoto)
  • Family
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
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    ?????? (Hachi-nin no majutsu-shi) Eight Wizards is a two player fantasy card game from Japan.

    - Story -
    In the distant past, two rival beings possessing unimaginable magical power clashed for control of the world. In the end, their conflict triggered an incredible explosion of energy, resulting in the mutual destruction of these god-like beings.

    This explosion was so powerful, it twisted the very fabric of reality in upon itself, ripping the world in two and leaving time to flow in an infinite loop. Those who survived the brutal conflict soon realized the energy of these dead gods was slowly being drawn to the central point where the two worlds now met.

    Skilled in the art of energy manipulation, those known as Summoners are now able to harness the power stored in this central point, referred to as The Node, to conjure Wizards and Monsters to do battle. By defeating a conjured being in battle, Summoners can capture energy in special Gemstones.

    Only through the use of these energy-filled Gemstones can the loop finally be broken and order restored to the world. However, there is a catch. Only the side with the greatest amount of stored energy will survive when the two halves of the world merge once again. With the fate of their world at stake, the battle between the Summoners thus began.

    - Setup -

    1. Each player takes one 20-card deck and 8 Gemstones (Two [0] Gemstones, four [1] Gemstones, and two [2] Gemstones.)
    2. Shuffle your deck, then place it and your Gemstones face-down on the table.
    3. Draw 10 cards from your deck, then choose 5 to keep in your hand to use this round. Return the remaining 5 cards to the top of your deck.
    4. Choose 2 Gemstones to wager this round and place them near the center of the table face-down. These can be any value you want.
    5. Flip the Faction Token to decide which player will be initial Attacker. Place the token off to the side for now. Make sure not to flip the token over, as it may be used later.

    - Gameplay -

    A game consists of 4 rounds. Each round is played as follows:

    1. The Attacker chooses one card from their hand and plays it face-up on the table. Activate any abilities that apply.
    2. The Defender then chooses 1 card from their hand and plays it face-up in front of the Attacker's card. Activate any abilities that apply.
    3. After all relevant abilities have been applied, compare the cards' Power levels. The card with the higher value wins.
    4. Turn the losing card sideways to the defeated position. (In the case of a tie, turn both cards sideways.) Note: A card is not considered "defeated" if the battle ended in a tie.
    5. Assign the role of Attacker to the player who won the battle, and Defender to their opponent. (In the case of a tie, the roles of Attacker and Defender remain the same as the previous battle.)
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 until all 5 battles have been played OR the special win condition is met.

    - Ending a Round -

    A round ends after 5 battles. Whichever player has more victories this round flips over the 2 Gemstones they wagered and places them off to the side. These count as victory points at the end of the game. Their opponent must discard the 2 Gemstones they wagered. Discarded Gemstones can not be used again this game. (You do not have to reveal the values of discarded Gemstones.)

    Note: In the event of a tie, the player who used fewer Wizard cards this round wins. If it is still a tie, the round is declared a draw and both players must discard their Gemstones.

    - Special Win Condition -

    If at any point during a round a player has 3 victories, the round immediately ends and that player is declared the winner. The winning player may steal one of the Gemstones their opponent wagered this round at random and add it to their victory points.

    Note: This rule applies even if all 5 battles were played this round. A player may steal a Gemstone as long as they have 3 victories.

    - Reset -

    After the round ends:
    1. Discard all cards used this round. This includes cards in the Play Area and any cards remaining in your hand.
    2. Draw 10 new cards from your deck. Choose 5 to keep, then return the remaining 5 to the top of your deck. (In round 4, you will only have 5 cards remaining. These will be your final hand.)
    3. Choose 2 of your remaining Gemstones to wager and place them near the center of the table face-down.
    4. The winner of the previous round is initial Attacker. Flip the Faction Token to that player's color as a reminder. (If the previous round ended in a tie, the initial Attacker remains the same.)

    - Ending the Game -

    After all 4 rounds are finished, the player with more points showing on their Gemstones is declared the winner.

    —description by Raw Potions Publishing, publisher of the English localization

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