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????? (Hitokui Yashiki)
????? (Hitokui Yashiki)
by Oishiitanishi (???????) (2016)
Player Count
3 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
15 minutes to 1 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Horror
  • Designers
  • Kunihiko Tsuchiya (?? ??)
  • Mechanisms
  • Trick-taking
  • Artists
  • Kunihiko Tsuchiya (?? ??)
  • Rating: 6.4/10 from 5 users


    User summary
    ??????? (Hitokui Yashiki) in English is 'Man-Eating House'. Man-Eating House is a trick taking game for 3-4 players with a theme of haunted house.

    This game uses a deck of 44 cards, which consists of three suits (Green, Yellow, Red), and 14 ranks (1-14), plus Green 0 (Dog) and Red 15 (Old Man). Cards ranked 1-3 (with a child figure on the card), ranked 12-14 (ghost figure on the card), Dog, and Old Man are honor cards. You score points by taking these cards.

    Each round, players play a card under trick-taking rules (must follow suit, no trumps). Basically, the player who played the highest rank, regardless of which suit, wins the trick. But there are several exceptions. One example is that if you and other player play a child of the same suit, both of you take that child card and score one point, instead of being taken by the winner of the trick.

    In a four-player game, you win the game with your partner if your team takes honor cards more than your opponent team.

    In a three-player game, the player who played Old Man (Red 15) competes against the other two. The Old Man wins if he captures three children of different rank or he takes 11 honor cards. Otherwise the other two players win the game.

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