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???? (Regional Colonialism Wars)
???? (Regional Colonialism Wars)
by ???? (Isseki Labo) (2019)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 2 hours
  • Transportation
  • Science Fiction
  • Pirates
  • Space Exploration
  • Designers
  • Mechanisms
  • Area Control / Area Influence
  • Worker Placement
  • Rondel
  • Artists
  • (Uncredited)
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    ???? (????????????) (Regional Colonialism Wars) is a Japanese game of strategic conquest in space. The Japanese title translates more closely as 'Galactic Powers' and the designer uses 'Galapa' for short.

    Players develop planets by constructing facilities, improving technology, and developing spacecraft. Victory points can be earned through construction of the orbit elevator, the status of spacecraft development, and the population settled.

    The game of space exploration wars uses worker placement with an rondel action track. When the game starts, players focus on infrastructure development, such as building facilities on the home planet and developing and strengthening spacecraft while advancing technology. Then, players build a subspace transfer device and move to an unexplored planet to pursue exploration. However, this involves the dangers of space pirates.

    Discovering planets and building orbital elevators can also give you victory points, but the most points come from the population of settlers on exoplanets. The most settlers on the planet will be awarded the total number of facilities built on the planet as victory points.

    But runners-up will be given the final total population of that planet as victory points. This means players must balance the development of facilities with the growth of the settlements. Produce too many settlers against facilities and the other players gain. Judging this expansion is important and the designer says it gives the game high replayability.

    The game was released at Game Market in Spring 2019. The designer found some errata in the rulebook, and gave out a free card to fix an error on one card.
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