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Puzzle Master
by (Self-Published) (2017)
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  • Abstract Strategy
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  • Designers
  • Silvia M.G. Rodrigues
  • Mechanisms
  • Grid Movement
  • Static Capture
  • Square Grid
  • Pattern Movement
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  • Chess Games
  • Combinatorial
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
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    This game is a variant of chess inspired by international chess, shogi, and xiangqi. The differences from chess are:
    1. the board is 8x9, where the startup position contains the traditional pieces at left hand-side and the additional pieces at right hand-side;
    2. various additional pieces were introduced:
    - a wizard piece which can teleport or move two squares diagonally
    - a guard piece which moves one square orthogonally or various squares along its row/column in the direction of the king up to the maximum of intercepting the coordinates of the king
    - a lance piece which can move any number of squares forward or diagonally one space
    - a cannon piece which is the same as its counterpart in xiangqi
    (note: the chess rook was replaced by a xiangqi car, which has the same movement)
    3. pawns can be promoted by replacing it with a captured piece;
    4. pawns are promoted to generals upon reaching the last line, which moves one square to the front or diagonally.

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