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Puzzle Master
Things From Another World
by Luma World (2020)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
20 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Fantasy
  • Mythology
  • Math
  • Mechanisms
  • Pattern Building
  • Take That
  • Map Reduction
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    Master the laws of nature by controlling the elements! Teleport into the astral dimension and choose to control Huo (fire), Shui (water) or Tu (earth). Use your special powers to atomise or fuse your element and create the perfect sequence of five. The winner restores balance to our chaotic universe. So, Spin away and Wu Xing!

    Xing is a game of strategy and balance where players are the masters of a single element. They must use the language of the universe - Math - to tactically position their elements in a sequence and gain victory over others. Spin, pick a card and solve the question to find your position(s) on the board. Place your element token using strategy and planning. Master basic concepts of factors and multiples and gain critical thinking skills in this epic battle of minds!

    In Xing, players master the laws of nature by controlling the elements - Huo, Shui and Tu. Each player picks one element and collects 14 tokens of that element. The game board and action spinner are placed in the centre.
    Shuffle the fuse and atomise card decks separately and place them beside the game board.
    On your turn, spin the action spinner.
    If you get Fuse, pick the top card from the fuse deck.
    If you get Atomise pick the top card from the atomise deck and,
    If you get Pick Any, pick the top card from any deck.
    After you pick a card, read what is said and solve it. then choose where you want to place one of your element tokens
    For example, if the card reads, ‘multiple of 4 between 35 to 55’, then you can place your token on 36, 40, 44 or 48.

    Remember, you can place only one of your element tokens per turn
    You must place the element based on the solution of the card you picked.
    If the card has more than one solution, pick one of them and place your token there
    If a location already has a token then you cannot place another
    If you cannot place your token on the game board, you pass your turn

    In each deck, there are 2 Wu (the spiral symbol) cards and 2 remove cards. These are special cards.
    The Wu card allows you to place one token on the wu symbol on the board. The ‘remove’ card allows you to remove one token of an opponent from the board. when a token is removed it goes back to that player. Once all your element tokens have been used, then you can move them around on the board. just take it from one spot and place it on another, as per the card you pick. Remember, you can place an element token to create your sequence or block an opponent. choose your strategy! The first player to create a line of five of their own element tokens, wins the game. This could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Xing can also be played with 6 players split into 3 teams of 2.

    —description from the publisher

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