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Things From Another World
Puzzle Master
by Raven Tales (2019)
Player Count
1 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Wargame
  • Adventure
  • Mythology
  • Designers
  • Sam Turner
  • Kate Tessier
  • Mechanisms
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Partnerships
  • Cooperative Play
  • Role Playing
  • Area Control / Area Influence
  • Action / Movement Programming
  • Artists
  • Sam Turner
  • Family
  • Cthulhu Mythos
  • Steampunk
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Digital Implementations: Tabletopia
  • Rating: 9.42/10 from 12 users


    Wardens is a 1 to 4 player post-apocalyptic adventure set in a lovecraftian steampunk universe, offering different types of scenarios such as 1vsAll, Solo and Co-op mode.
    One player will take the role of Cthulhu and his legion of Starspawns and spread madness over the humanity while the Wardens team co-operatively maneuver their steam-powered armies in the last battle for the survival of humankind.
    Join the fight in this immersive mythological strategy game.

    As Cthulhu’s dreams are beyond humanity’s ability to defend against, only the Wardens ??are strong enough to travel the world in search of the powerful Artifacts that belonged to the Naacal. If found, the Artifacts can release the Elders who will fight one last time to return Cthluhu to his submerged stone-city where his nightmares can no longer harm humanity.
    To fight the Wardens’ armies and stop them from finding the Artifacts, Cthulhu and his powerful Starspawns will spread madness, turning the Wardens "Insane" and converting them to play against each-other.

    One player will be taking the role of Cthluhu and control his Starspawns minions as they rise across the world and fight the Warden's armies. Cthulhu's Gameplay is focused in strategic movements and unit placement. The Great Old One travels through various portals across the map and spreading madness, he corrupts the Wardens at his will, forcing the insane player to fight against his allies.
    Every time The Wardens perish in battle, Cthulhu grows stronger and uses the defeated army’s power to raise his legion with his mutation tree.

    1-3 players are the Wardens, each controlling their own steam-powered army over land, water and sky. The vehicles can be upgraded with hidden Blueprints in order to take control of territories, fight Starspawns, call for reinforcement and go on Expedition, in search for Artifacts.

    Each Warden has their own characteristics, abilities and strategies, each presenting a unique gameplay experience and adding a lot of replay-value to the game. Since their actions are so different, they must absolutely work in coalition if they want to survive.
    They must use their special abilities, spend distinct free actions, unique masteries and designated pet companion skills to fight the enemy's legion.

    Battles in Wardens are diceless. Instead, opponents will engage in a strategic mini-game to read each other's mind by tossing Strategy Battle Coins using a battle pyramid mechanic deciding your fate.

    Wardens also includes different mechanics such as Prophecy and Ability cards which add yet another dynamic to gameplay.

    During the Co-op and Solo Scenarios, the Wardens will fight against the Game as Cthulhu's actions will be automated.

    Will the Wardens prove strong enough to prevail against Cthulhu, or will humanity be lost to madness?

    The annals of prehistory describe a time of peace and unprecedented enlightenment and creativity lead by a mysterious earthly race called, the Naacal.
    A hostile and cosmic family of entities lead by Cthulhu invaded the world seeking to usurp the Naacal’s power and send humanity into madness.
    The Naacal Elders, with the aid of powerful Artifacts contained Cthulhu and his Starspawn, entombing him in a Stone-city where he sleeps to this day at the bottom of the ocean, forgotten in history.
    The Elders retreat, allowing the world to set its own future but not before establishing a Naacalean bloodline of guardians to watch and defend, known as The Brotherhood. The most powerful and trained of these guardians were known as Wardens, sworn to keep vigil over the cosmic threat that slumbers beneath the world through their superhuman ability and with the power of the Artifacts.
    Thousands of years later an unearthed scroll warns of Cthulhu’s return to seek vengeance on the Naacal and humanity itself – that warning comes to pass as an awakening Cthulhu spreads his tentacles across the world, this time imprisoning the Naacal Elders. The Brotherhood is left in ruins as the world falls to madness and burns.
    Time is running out for humanity’s remnant and only our three remaining Wardens stand between Cthulhu freely roaming the world and humanity becoming enslaved to his madness.

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