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Vampire Queen
Vampire Queen
by Schmidt Spiele, Arclight, 25th Century Games, Popcorn Games, Playte (2016)
Player Count
3 to 12

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Designers
  • Wolfgang Kramer
  • Mechanisms
  • Ladder Climbing
  • Artists
  • Eckhard Freytag
  • Irene Bressel
  • Hami
  • Wanjin Gill
  • Family
  • Climbing Games
  • Vampires
  • Shedding Games
  • Schmidt royal horror card games
  • Rating: 6.42/10 from 215 users


    The gray morning has arrived, and the vampires of the ancient clans must now hurry back to their tombs. For the high and mighty this is easy, but the smaller, weaker vampires have the strength to do this only in groups. Thus, you as the vampire lord might want to play out several with low values together in order not to be surpassed. Whatever you do in Vampire Queen, though, be sure to rid yourself of an intrusive vampire hunter because no one wants to get stuck with that!

    The deck consists of cards numbered 1-13, four vampire queens that have variable value, and two vampire hunters. Players start with a hand of 9-13 cards depending on the player count, and the start player for a round plays from their hand either a single card, multiple cards of the same value, or a vampire hunter. Vampire queens on their own (or in a pair, triplet, or quartet) are valued at 14, but they can be played with other cards and adopt the value of those cards. For a single card or a set of cards (e.g., three 6s), each other player in turn can either pass or play the same number of cards but of a higher value (e.g., three 9s). Whoever plays the highest card(s) wins the round and leads off the next round.

    If the round's start player leads a vampire hunter, it counts as value 0 and each other player must play exactly one (non-vampire hunter) card of whatever value they want. Whoever plays the highest card takes all played cards into their hand, then leads off the next round, but they cannot lead with the same vampire hunter they just won.

    When one or more players have emptied their hand at the end of a round, the round ends. Players then score points for all cards still in hand, with number cards being worth their face value, queens being 14, and vampire hunter cards being 15 or 20, as indicated. Players with vampire hunters in hand keep them, then shuffle all cards and deal new hands to all players, with the player who holds the 20 starting. After five rounds, whoever has scored the fewest points wins.

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