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Puzzle Master
Things From Another World
by Games By AR (2018)
Player Count
1 to 8

Player Ages

Playing Time
15 minutes to 1 hour
  • Exploration
  • Action / Dexterity
  • Designers
  • Alex Racine
  • Mechanisms
  • Tile Placement
  • Cooperative Play
  • Pattern Building
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Artists
  • Alex Racine
  • Family
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Admin: Unreleased Games
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    Uprise is a tower-building game that plays Solo, Co-Op, or Competitively.

    You're a member of a new secret society.

    Complete all missions to overthrow the ruling elite.

    Each mission card comes with its own set of supplies. If playing Solo or Co-Op, share the inventory among all the members in your group. If playing competitively, each member attempts to climb the ranks on their own so each of them needs the inventory indicated.


    The goal of the mission is stated on the Mission Card. Complete all the missions so that your secret society can grow.

    Types of missions:

    a) Score-Based Missions: reach a certain number of points before running out of 'Stache Cards.

    b) Architect Missions: replicate a certain design before running out of 'Stache Cards.

    c) Checklist Missions: complete the requirements on a checklist before running out of 'Stache Cards.

    Disguised with a Top Hat, you can infiltrate a new country by revealing what is known as a Top Hat Card.
    Top Hat Cards are divided into 9 squares (1 flag and 8 location squares). While you cannot place anything on a flag square, you are considered to have set up a bureau on the flag square the moment you gain access to that country. For this reason, flag squares will count toward completing Secret Agendas.

    Disguised with a 'Stache, you are able to set up bureaus across the world. Each 'Stache Card contains a location where you can potentially set up 1 bureau. To set up a bureau, you must discard the 'Stache Card and place your bureau on the proper tile.

    If you cannot or choose not to use a 'Stache Card to set up a bureau, hide the card in your Vault. Rest assure you'll be able to use it later to make investments.

    This is where ALL 'Stache Cards not used to place a bureau must go at the end of a round. On any later turn, you will be able to use the $ VALUE to make investments. A list of investments is found on the back of the Vault.

    5. BUREAUS
    These unmarked buildings are setup locations so that your secret society may operate in that country. Be careful when setting your bureau. Should it lead to exposure due to lack of stability, you'll lose this bureau and likely others as well.

    To accelerate your mission, try to complete Secret Agendas. Secret Agendas are patterns you'll want to achieve within any given country. These patterns are determined by the placement of the flag, the placement of bureaus, as well as the placement of decoys.

    Generally there is more than one way to complete a Secret Agenda and you can reveal all your options by rotating the card.

    Once you complete a Secret Agenda, you may choose to cover up your presence in that country and move onto the next. You can do this free of charge as long as the Secret Agenda has been achieved.

    The Cover Up consist of adding a new Top Hat Card ON TOP the components required to complete the Secret Agenda. As long as you successfully manage to do this, you will also Cover Up your completed Secret Agenda Card with a new Secret Agenda Card.

    7. TOP HATS
    A Top Hat is an opportunity to enter a new country without completing a Secret Agenda. You can gain a Top Hat by purchasing it from the 'Stache Cards in your Vault or you can also gain one by placing a Bureau on a tile with a Top Hat SYMBOL.

    When using a Top Hat, you can either
    a) cover up component(s) from an already existing tower and climb UP.
    b) start a new branch by adding a new Top Hat Card on the ground floor.

    8. DECOYS
    Decoys can be placed on the tile of your choice (except on a flag) without needing to play a 'Stache Card.

    You can gain a Decoy by purchasing it from the 'Stache Cards in your Vault or you can also gain one by placing a Bureau on a tile with a SUITCASE SYMBOL.

    Decoys count as a yellow square in terms of your Secret Agendas. They can also be used to provide stability in a country.

    9. BRIDGES
    Bridges, when required, merge together separate branches within your organization. The need for bridges is determine by your chosen Mission Card.

    There are no fees for placing a bridge(s). However, for a merger to be completed, you will need to cover the bridge(s) with a new Top Hat Card. Do this by using a Top Hat.

    These cards are for competitive play only. They enable you to run an interference in another member's plans.

    Crisis Cards are purchased.

    —description from the publisher

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