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Trickerion: Legends of Illusion – Kickstarter Exclusive Legend Box


The Legend Box is a Deluxe Version of the original Kickstarter campaign for Trickerion - Legends of Illusion. This version comes with extra components and a Kickstarter exclusive sleeve and UV embossed logo.

The extra components include:

A new quality for your Trickerion Shards that gives them a whole new gameplay significance. They will unlock Power Card slots that allow you to customize your Magician by learning diverse abilities to enhance your game. As there are 90 different Power cards available, it will open up a multitude of new strategies and adds even more replayability to the game!

All the Kickstarter stretch goals: including:
A set of cards for a 2 player version.
More workshop, special assignment, Tier II and Tier III tricks, propechies and accessories.

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