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Tiny Epic Dinosaurs: Deluxe Edition
Tiny Epic Dinosaurs: Deluxe Edition
by Gamelyn Games (2020)
Player Count
1 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Farming
  • Science Fiction
  • Designers
  • Scott Almes
  • Mechanisms
  • Area Enclosure
  • Worker Placement
  • Contracts
  • Hidden Victory Points
  • Artists
  • Benjamin Shulman
  • Nikoletta Vaszi
  • Family
  • Animals: Dinosaurs
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Tiny Epic
  • Components: Meeples (Dinosaur) / Dinomeeples
  • Rating: 7.65/10 from 144 users


    The deluxe edition is a compilation containing the base game and Tiny Epic Dinosaurs: Laboratory Mini Expansion.

    Deluxe content will not enter regular distribution. However, it will be available in limited supply at conventions, through contests, online at the BoardGames promo store, and directly from the publisher's website.

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