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Things From Another World
by Sicode (1995)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Abstract Strategy
  • Mechanisms
  • Partnerships
  • Card Drafting
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    Tijou is game coming form Quebec (Canada).

    It is played with
    • 1 game board with 36 course boxes and 4 finish squares
    • 4 families of 3 rooms
    • 1 set of 54 cards (including joker)

    The goal of the game is to send his 3 pieces in ARRIVAL.
    to do this, the 3 pieces must enter the course and exit (CASE ARRIVAL).

    The Tijou is played by team
    Each player faces his teammate and places his pieces in front of him (Off-board)

    Player: A dealt cards at the rate of 5 cards per Player counterclockwise (3 + 2).

    The teammates exchange 1 card, each will choose the card he gives before looking at the card he receives (It will be the same after each distribution).

    The Player located to the right of the one who distributed starts = Player: B.

    He then places 1 card in the center of the board and is obliged to execute the value of the card placed in one of his pieces.
    Each cards has a value (go forwards/backwards of X boxes, enter in game, go to the arrival, exchanes of pieces,...)

    If he can not execute the value of the card placed on one of his coins, he plays a card without playing a coin.
    This is the opponent on his right to play = Player: C.
    Then it's the turn of: D (then A, B, C ... so on.)
    When a player has only 2 cards in his hand, he has the option to keep them, he then abstains from playing by specifying that he passes his turn.

    The other players have the same choice and can continue to play until their cards are exhausted or pass their turn when they want.
    (A Player can therefore keep 1 to 2 cards at the end of each turn)

    Tijou ends when a player has sent his 3 pieces in ARRIVAL.
    The team of this player is declared winner.
    At the end of each game, it is awarded 1 POINT to each team-mate of the winning team.
    Then: Change of team for a second part.
    Then: Change of team for a third part.
    The Player (s) with the most points at the end of 3 games is (are) declared winner (s).

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