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The Partizan Press Guide to War Gaming The Crimean War
The Partizan Press Guide to War Gaming The Crimean War
by Partizan Press (2012)
Player Count
  • Wargame
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Miniatures
  • Book
  • Post-Napoleonic
  • Designers
  • Stuart Asquith
  • Mechanisms
  • Simulation
  • Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game
  • Artists
  • R. Marrion
  • Bob Marrion
  • Family
  • History: Crimean War
  • Players: Two Players Only Wargames
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    So why wargame the Crimean War?

    Colourful uniforms, organisations and tactics which are comfortably familiar to the Napoleonic war gamer, with just a hint of the technological advances to come. All this and the chance to fight along side different allies and to take on the might of Russia in the process.

    So it’s not quite Napoleonics, neither is it the American Civil War. The Crimean War is its own conflict and one that can be almost as far reaching as the war gamer requires.

    With an increasing number of figures and rule sets becoming available, perhaps the Crimean War could become ‘the next big thing’ in the world of war games…

    Includes historical background, war gaming guidelines, full colour campaign maps and details of the forces that participated.

    With scenarios for the following battles complete with full colour maps of the battles & orders of battle:
    • The Battle of Kurudere - 5th August 1854
    • The Skirmish on the Bulganak - 19th September 1854
    • The Battle of the Alma - 20th September 1854
    • The Siege of Sevastopol September 1854 - September 1855
    • The Battle of Balaclava - 25th October 1854
    • The Battle of Inkerman - 5th November 1854
    • The Battle of Eupatoria - 17th February 1855
    • The Expedition to Kertch - 1855
    • The Tchernaya River - 16th August 1855

    Includes 17 full colour Bob Marrion plates representing the numerous forces involved in the conflict.

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