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The Lost Saga of Fenrir


The Aesir sleeps peacefully, knowing that Fenrir is bound until Ragnarök. But is he? You play as the spirit of Fenrir, reborn as a pup. Travel the realms by hunting, scouting and exploring different sites. Your actions will influence how you get stronger. By enlisting the help of Gods and creatures alike, your goal is to free yourself from the torturing reigns of Gleipnir.

In this "choose your own adventure"-campaign, the choices you make will impact what happens next. Will you be able to free yourself? Will the Aesir discover that your spirit has broken free and hunt you down? Will you discover and aid the Vanir's plot against the Aesir? You decide! With the use of modular hexagonal tiles, action-based strength increases and multiple story arcs, each playthrough will feel unique.

A true solo board game, where you play as a wolf. "Choose your own"-adventure campaigns set in Norse mythology. Focused on narrative, exploration, battle, and character building.

—description from the publisher

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