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The Game of Life in Monstropolis
The Game of Life in Monstropolis
by Milton Bradley, Hasbro (2001)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
45 minutes
  • Dice
  • Economic
  • Movies / TV / Radio theme
  • Travel
  • Designers
  • Reuben Klamer
  • Mechanisms
  • Stock Holding
  • Roll / Spin and Move
  • Family
  • Celebrities: Walt Disney
  • Monsters
  • Game of Life
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    From the back of the box:
    You have never played the Game of Life like this before!
    In this special edition of Milton Bradley's classic Game of Life you'll pick a monstermobile and take a spin! Follow the game path around monstropolis while you aim to make the most of your life and steer clear of trouble!

    Pick a career - Will you be a CDA agent, executive or will you land the coveted job of top scarer? Earn valuable life tiles by doing good deeds such as returning a lost eyeball, attending your best friend's graduation or helping another monster cross the road! Win the monstropolis raffle and take home a fuzzball table or a laptop computer with groan recognition!

    Retire at Gargoyle Island Beach Resort with the most monstrous fortune, and you win!

    User summary:
    The gameboard shows a track leading from the start space to the Gargoyle Island Beach Resort. At the start, players are offered two choices: Start Career and Start College (leading to a slightly longer track). Other than that, the track is straight, without any choices. Players take turn spinning the wheel and advancing their car the number of spaces indicated. The space they land on represent some event in their lives. Three of the spaces indicate a major event, and players must always stop when they reach these spaces:
    • Pick a career: When you reach this space, you'll get to pick a career. If you have gone to college, you can get a better career. Your career determines how much salary you'll get when landing on a Pay Day space.
    • Pick a pet: When you reach this space, you'll get to pick a pet.
    • Pick a home: When you reach this space, you'll get to pick a home. A more expensive home is worth more at the end of the game, but also costs more when you land on a Rent space.
    The other spaces are:
    • Life Spaces: When you land on these spaces, you'll draw a LIFE card, which shows an activity, community service or good deed done. It'll award you a number of LIFE tiles.
    • Raffle Spaces: When you land on these spaces, you may draw a RAFFLE card and buy. If you buy it, you spin the wheel, and if the spinner stops on a number shown on the card, you get to keep it.
    • Spin Again Spaces: When you land here, you get another turn.
    • Pay Day Spaces: When you land here, you collect your salary.
    • Change Jobs Spaces: When you land here, you get a chance to switch to another career.
    • Expense Spaces: When you land here, you draw a EXPENSE card, which shows something that has cost you money. You'll need to pay the amount shown to the bank.
    • Rent Spaces: When you land here, you need to pay rent.

    When a player reaches Gargoyle Island Beach Resort, he cashes out and exchanges his home, RAFFLE tickets and LIFE tiles for cash. When all players have reaches the resort, the player with the most cash wins the game.


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