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The Finnish Trilogy 1939-1945: Continuation War 1941-1944 (vol. 2)
The Finnish Trilogy 1939-1945: Continuation War 1941-1944 (vol. 2)
by Mikugames (2014)
Player Count
  • Wargame
  • World War II
  • Designers
  • Mikael Grönroos
  • Mechanisms
  • Hex-and-Counter
  • Artists
  • Andreas Wide
  • Family
  • Country: Finland
  • The Finnish Trilogy 1939-1945
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
  • Rating: 6.92/10 from 6 users


    (from Mikugames website:)

    Germany launched their operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union in June 22nd, 1941. Finland, now a co-belligerent with Germany, took the opportunity to take back the areas lost to the Soviet Union as part of the bitter Winter War peace terms. The almost 200.000 men strong German “Armee Norwegen”, operating in northern Finland is part of Hitler’s operation plan Barbarossa. Finland and Germany are fighting two separate wars against the same enemy. Finnish units reached their objectives in late December, 1941, and a static period in the war began (also called the “Trench War”). In the summer of 1944, the Soviet Red Army launched a major offensive in the Karelian Isthmus after the withdrawal of the German “Heeresgruppe Nord” from the Leningrad area. This time the Finnish units couldn’t hold back the thrust. Viipuri (Vyborg) was lost and the situation was critical. The largest battle in the Northern Europe took place in Tali-Ihantala, where German Stukas supported the Finnish units. Like a miracle, the Finns and Germans managed to halt the Soviet onslaught, and because Stalin was eager to reach Berlin before the Americans, he decided to withdraw a number of units from the Finnish front. Finland was again saved by the bell.

    The Game
    The second game of the trilogy is the largest. Now the Germans make an entrance with a wide variety of units and special rules. The Soviet side gets the Guards units as well as numerous of new air unit types. The grande campaign 1941-1944, can take up to 155 turns! Relax, in the middle of the campaign, approximately from Jan. I '42 to Jun. I '44, there will be a special feature, called the Position War (Entrenchment War), which will speed up the playing considerably.

    There are also two shorter scenarios included, that suites very well for introduction; the 1941-scenario (Jun. IV '41 – Dec. IV '41 = 26 turns) and the 1944-scenario (Jun. II '44 – Sept. I '44 = 12 turns). In the 1941-scenario, the Finnish/German side has an advantage, while in the 1944-scenario, the Soviet side has an advantage.

    Unit Counters
    The game will include twelve countersheets in a total of 3.192 die-cut unit counters! Ground units are written in standard Nato symbols, while Air and Naval units have correct silhouettes.

    The Mapboard
    The map will be 100 cm x 140 cm (39” x 55”) in four pieces, depicting Finland and its' vicinity in "summer" colors with additional Railroads and Airfields as well as some new Marker boxes. The borderline also runs differently compared to the Winter War mapboard.

    The Rules
    A 48-page coloured rule book includes basic, advanced and optional game rules.

    Order of Battle (OOB)
    The three full-colour OOBs (one Finnish, German and Soviet) include a HUGE Main Campaign; a 1941, and a 1944-scenario; and seven Small Scenarios: (1) Litsa '41, (2) Salla '41, (3) Kestenga-Ukhta '41-'42, (4) Rugozero, (5) Ladoga Karelia '41, (6) Karelian Isthmus '41, and (7) Karelian Isthmus '44. See further in the Beta News menu. A lot of sources have been used to make them as historically correct as possible. For added feeling, the OOB's are written in their native language (Soviet with Cyrillic) with usually the correct unit abbreviation and then translated into English in parenthesis.

    Production Volume
    340 boxed copies were produced.

    • Main Campaign
    • Extended Campaign (with an emphasis that the Soviet Union would attack Finland early in the campaign '41)
    • 2 Large Scenarios (using all rules) (1941-Scenario and 1944-Scenario)
    • 7 Small Scenarios (#1 Litsa '41; #2 Salla '41; #3 Kestenga-Ukhta '41 [+'42]; #4 Rugozero '41; #5 Ladoga Karelia '41 (1st attack phase); #6 Karelian Isthmus '41; and #7 Karelian Isthmus '44)

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