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The Battle for Jerusalem 1967
The Battle for Jerusalem 1967
by SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) (1977)
Player Count
1 to 2

Player Ages

Playing Time
3 hours
  • Wargame
  • Modern Warfare
  • Designers
  • Mark Herman
  • Mechanisms
  • Hex-and-Counter
  • Artists
  • Redmond A. Simonsen
  • Family
  • Country: Israel
  • Cities: Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Country: Jordan
  • History: Six-Day War
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
  • Rating: 7.01/10 from 28 users


    Part of SPI's Modern Battles II: Four Contemporary Conflicts series,

    This game is at the operational level with hexes measuring a mile across, simulates combat between the Israeli and Jordanian forces on the West Bank during 1967's Six Day War (starting June 5th through June 10th). A historical scenario is the main game, but there is also a non-historical scenario that supposes the Israeli Air Force and ground support was weaker than expected; plus a Jihad fantasy scenario that assumes that both sides are fully mobilized.

    Playing time and format is straightforward. An interesting change to the historical result is quite possible.

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