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Tamburlaine the Great: The Battle of Angorra, 1402


Tamburlaine the Great is a Tactical level simulation of the Battle of Angora on 21 June 1402, which was the climax of the Tartar invasion of Asia Minor. Sultan Bayazid I and his Ottoman Turks, fresh from their victory against the Christians at the Battle of Nicopolis, met Tamburlaine's Tartar and Mongol hordes northeast of modern day Ankara.

Unit types included in the game are: infantry, short bow archers, crossbowmen, cavalry, elephants, and wagons. The map scale is 50 yards from hex side to hex side, and each game-turn represents 20 minutes.

In addition to being published as a separate game, Tamburlaine the Great was also published as part of SPI's Great Medieval Battles Quadrigame.

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