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Puzzle Master
by Nexus Editrice, (Web published) (1994)
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Playing Time
45 minutes
  • Humor
  • Animals
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Andrea Angiolino
  • Luigi Castellani
  • Mechanisms
  • Simulation
  • Artists
  • Dario Calì
  • Luigi Castellani
  • Family
  • Players: Three Players Only Games
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    Cartoon is a 3 players simulation boardgame of a cartoonish situation. The players are a dog, a cat and a mouse - each one a pwn moving on the squared-grid map of a house with garden. During the 61-75 turns of the game, the dog will try to put the cat KO and keep order, the mouse witt try to put the cat KO and stay in the kitchen as long as possible, and the cat will try to put both opponents KOas much as possible. Objects can be taken, thrown and broken in the process.

    Each turn, each player secretly choose an action: attack, move, take an object, drop or throw an object and so on. Actions are executed in a strict order according to the turn structure.

    First Published on Kaos magazine 1.5 (Nexus Editrice, 1994). Available since 2014 as print'n'play by 2 Cents Boardgames.

    From the official 2014 presentation:
    Dear old Granny says goodbye to her pets, Trusty the dog, and the cat Scamp, and peacefully goes to the grocery store.

    She doesn't think of staying away much: 75 turns at most.

    Meanwhile, Nibble, the mouse, has decided to pay a visit to the kitchen, thereby causing a ruckus: cat and dog have some old scores to settle ...

    A Print & Play boardgame for three players inspired by classic cartoon animations, fast and easy but rigorous as a simulation.

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