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Taalhelden van het spelwoud
Taalhelden van het spelwoud
by Just Games (II) (2021)
Player Count
1 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
20 minutes to 40 minutes
  • Word Game
  • Educational
  • Designers
  • RenĂ© Groen
  • Mechanisms
  • Modular Board
  • Cooperative Play
  • Storytelling
  • Area Movement
  • STR-04 Solo Game
  • Move Through Deck
  • Family
  • Solitaire Games
  • Dungeon Crawler
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    The language heroes (Taalhelden) jump into action to defeat the monsters of the game forest with you. The game forest is full of dangerous creatures that feed on language and only the language heroes can defeat them. Choose your favorite language hero, create your own game forest and work together to defeat the monsters with your language skills!

    The educational game can be played at different levels: level 1 from group 4 to level 3 for groups 7 and 8. The game can be played at school or at home and contains a booklet with no less than 60 texts to train your brain.

    Players place cards on the table to form a path through the Game Forest. With personal language heroes, they walk the path to find treasure chests and defeat bosses. To defeat bosses, players answer questions related to texts they read. By answering a question correctly, the players earn stars, which are added together at the end of the game to form a high score.
    Can you and your team get the best high score? Let the adventure begin!

    Kidsweek Taalhelden van het spelwoud is a game about creating an adventure together and slaying monsters with your language skills. Each turn, players place cards to create a route towards boss monsters and treasures. They move on this created route with their heroes to reach treasures and to battle boss monsters. Battling monsters will cost players a live, so they need to collect those lives back by looking for treasures. By answering questions (fighting boss monsters) about the Dutch language, players score stars together. The game ends when the deck of cards runs out. Try to earn a lot of stars to increase your score and set you highscore.

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