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Steamwatchers: Fuel For War


With Fuel For War, the Clan chiefs set Europa ablaze. They may stay in the Conclave to accrue more and more power, but can leave for the frozen battlefields, bolstering their army and boasting an incredible strength. However, should they stay too long in their seat, they will find only ashes.

—description from the publisher

Fuel For War gives you access to war chiefs. These powerful units start off the board and replace your regular Conclave tokens. Each time they spend a round in the Conclave, they acquire a new ability. You may also send your war chief to the battlefield with all of the powers they’ve gathered. If you’re too late, there will only be ash, but be too early and your war chief won’t matter as much on the board. This dilemma is at the core of the expansion.

You’re going to draw three neutral cards at the beginning of the game and will add them to the cards from your clan. You’ll be able to choose from all of the pool of upgrades.
Creating interesting ability combinations is important, but the crux is also to know when to go to the battlefield.

This expansion also includes new Scenario and Archon cards for the main game.

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