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Stealth Chess
Stealth Chess
by Eden Studios, Dice Corp (1997)
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Playing Time
30 minutes
  • Abstract Strategy
  • Designers
  • (Uncredited)
  • Mechanisms
  • Memory
  • Grid Movement
  • Square Grid
  • Deduction
  • Family
  • Chess Games
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
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    Stealth Chess is a chess-under-imperfect-information variant, a kind of cross between chess and Stratego. In name and power, the pieces are standard chessmen, but they are shaped like Stratego pieces so that each player can only identify the pieces of his own army. At the start both sides arrange their armies any way they like on the first two ranks. Pawns are allowed to move two squares forward on either the first or second rank. The object is to capture the enemy King. The identity of a piece is revealed when it is captured. The official rules then call for the piece to be returned to its previous owner (off the board), facing away from its captor.

    Stealth Chess has the same pieces as conventional chess(16 Black & 16 White) but unlike traditional chess, all pieces look the same and have the pieces title printed on the back side so your only chance to win is to memorize the movement of your opponents and which piece was moved. This memory play helps with regular chess play by improving your memory.

    The game begins with pieces being randomly placed by each player in the first and second row of each side of the board. You decide the strategic possibilities of the placement of your pieces. For example, you might put your Queen front-row center and hide your King in a corner. The excitement begins with the first move. From that point forward, you must try to figure out your opponent's pieces by their movements and seek out and capture the King. Of course, you may "disguise" a powerful piece by moving it as if it were a mere Pawn--until you strike without warning. No check, no checkmate. Boom! Victory is yours.

    There are several different rule sets included that the players agree upon beforehand. The simplest is a standard opening position setup. You'll know which piece is which at the beginning of the game and the trick is to remember.

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