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Starcadia Quest: CMON Comics – Vol. 1 Promos


New additions to the game included with the Kickstarter edition of the 68-page "Heart of a Star" graphic novel, an exclusive edition of the 3 Starcadia Quest issues published by IDW.

-12 Promo Quests:
The 12 Promo Quests from the paperback issues will come printed as proper cards to match your other Starcadia Quest cards! These cards bring 3 new Scenarios for you to experience the stories of the comic directly on the tabletop:

-Happy Birthday, Starkid
-To Teklawn
-The Thorne Offensive

-4 Kickstarter Exclusive Upgrade tokens:
2 new items introduced in the comics: the M.E.D.A.L. communicator and the Vacupack Jittters snack! As Level 1 Deck upgrades, players will be able to add these to their mix after completing their first Scenario.

Coveted by beginner crews, the M.E.D.A.L. communicator is a useful tool to give you an edge over the competition. By itself, it can help boost ranged attacks, but when close to a Computer Terminal, where it can receive data, its boost is greatly increased!

The Vacupack Jitters is famous not only for its addictive taste but also for the energy rush it can induce! Bringing one along can allow your Hero to react quickly, gaining extra defense and reroll!

--description from publisher

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