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Sombra de Lobos
Sombra de Lobos
by (Self-Published) (2018)
Player Count
7 to 26

Player Ages

Playing Time
15 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Bluffing
  • Horror
  • Party Game
  • Deduction
  • Murder/Mystery
  • Mechanisms
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Voting
  • Partnerships
  • Role Playing
  • Player Elimination
  • Family
  • Werewolf / Mafia
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    CONTENIDO: lata de bolsillo, instrucciones y 28 cartas.

    An adaptation of the French game Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux, similar to Mafia.

    A small and distant village got struck by a terrible curse, converting some of its villagers to werewolves.

    During the night, while everybody is asleep, the hungry werewolves go out hunting for unaware villagers.
    During the day, villagers execute their suspects in an attempt to get free of their desperation. Although, this involves the risk of eliminating one of their own, an innocent villager. The clever werewolves, hidden among the villagers during the day, influence the nominations of whom to eliminate.

    Nights and days repeat, and the story (hence game) ends either when villagers eliminated all of the werewolves, or werewolves devoured all villagers.

    Among the villagers there are different characters with special powers to fight the werewolves.

    This version has also an alpha werewolf.
    An optional 3rd team can be played, represented by the werewolves enchanter.

    This adaptation has the following characters (cards):

    Villagers: 13 cards.
    Fortune Teller: 1 card.
    Witch: 1 card.
    Judge (Sheriff): 1 card.
    Crazy guy (Village idiot): 1 card.
    Executioner: 1 card.
    Hunter: 1 card.

    Werewolf: 5 cards.
    Alpha werewolf: 1 card.

    Werewolves enchanter: 1 card.

    Contains 2 blank extra cards so you can create your own characters or use as replacements.

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