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Solar Ocean: Colonies
Solar Ocean: Colonies
by Uglybutterfly Pty Ltd (2020)
Player Count
1 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 6 hours
  • Civilization
  • Science Fiction
  • Economic
  • Miniatures
  • Environmental
  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Designers
  • Ahmet Nazif Sati
  • Mechanisms
  • Betting/Wagering
  • Area Movement
  • Action / Movement Programming
  • Action Retrieval
  • Automatic Resource Growth
  • Alliances
  • Artists
  • Eren Arik
  • Ahmet Nazif Sati
  • Riccardo Piovan
  • Szabolcs Dvorscak
  • Elena Jamantieva
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    Your stomach sinks as space-time warps around you. For an instant you are everywhere at once, infinite, then it's back to your tiny, cramped body. Yet, you are no longer where you were a moment before; you have arrived at a new space.

    Having exhausted its one-shot fuel, your Gateship Warpcore powers down. You are now by yourself in a virgin solar system, unimaginably far away from Cradle System Sol; a single Executor, with terminal authority over your cargo of a thousand intrepid colonists.

    Of course, you are not alone. The Joint Assets & Colonial Operations Bureau (JACOB) rarely works without multiple levels of redundancy. Others have warped in with you; other players in the game of conflict and colonisation in deep space. You may choose to work with or against them. Will you form Alliances, or go for each other's jugulars from day one. There need not be one winner of the coveted Colonial Contract after all... but the fewer, the richer.

    Think now... and think well - First things first:

    You know the worlds; you have the probe data. Exploring them should reveal strategic sectors, key resources and unique secrets. Terraforming is always a useful tool, but do you really need to spend valuable resources on it? Once you have enough materials, you must start building - small outposts at first; and later on, larger settlements to suit your Faction's ideals. You must also full-body-print more colonists from personas downloaded through your ansibles - a weird kind of immigration.

    Build, conquer or destroy - your fame or infamy will attract more immigrants. More people mean more expertise and influence. Now you can truly start to weave your destiny: War, Invasion, Espionage, Sabotage, Crime, Culture, Technology, Industry, Commerce, Politics, World-Building... What is going to be your game?

    Your choice, Executor. Let's begin!


    Solar Ocean: Colonies is a 4X tabletop game and companion RPG about Conflict and Colonisation in Deep Space.

    We are using digital asset sales as a unique way to fund game development. Please visit the game website for more details.

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