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Shieldwall: A Fantasy Mass Combat Game
Shieldwall: A Fantasy Mass Combat Game
by (Self-Published) (2019)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 3 hours
  • Fantasy
  • Wargame
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Chris Walton
  • Family
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
  • Rating: 6/10 from 1 users


    Shieldwall is a fast play set of fantasy mass combat rules. Designed for print-and-play, Shieldwall is an easy to learn and teach system that you can utilize for any collection of miniatures. A 17 page pdf includes:

    - Rules for creating an army.
    - Six scenarios that can be played alone or as campaigns.
    - Print-and-Play deck of Special Event Cards.
    - A complete magic system.

    Army Composition
    Armies are composed of 12 units total - a variety of infantry, skirmishers, missile troops, cavalry, generals and monsters. The game is model agnostic - so the number of models in these units is entirely up the players.

    Scenario Forces
    There are six scenarios included in Shieldwall. Once players decide on which scenario to choose, they randomly generate a force from their army dependent on the rules of the scenario. S

    Units roll a number of dice dependent on their type, and results of 5 or 6 indicates a HIT has been scored on the enemy unit. Once a unit accumulates three or more HITs at the end of a turn, they are eliminated.

    Special Event Cards
    The friction of battle is represented in Shieldwall with a deck of Special Event Cards that can be printed from the pdf. During a game, players will draw hands of cards and then play them to modify attacks, execute special maneuvers and cast powerful spells

    Magic System
    The magic system in Shieldwall is directly tied to the Special Event Cards. Players can wield the powers of Order, Chaos, Life and Death to scatter their enemies from the battlefield. Shieldwall assumes every army has wizards steeped in arcane knowledge or clerics beseeching the Gods for miracles, so you are never penalized for not bringing a wizard. However, if you choose to, you can make your General an Arcane Master which unlocks additional spell effects if you play cards associated the proper school of magic that the general has pre-chosen.

    So raise your shield, lower your spear, and join the ranks of the SHIELDWALL!

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