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Shadows of Brimstone: Perilous Expeditions


The Perilous Expeditions Set is a new Narrative Campaign mode that expands Shadows of Brimstone in exciting new directions. The heart of the Perilous Expeditions Set is the Narrative Campaign Book which includes all the Rules, Campaign Objectives, Story Threads, Enemy Lists, Expedition Hazard Charts for Land and for Sea, for both the Norse Coast and the Jungle Island Chain, as well as a host of other new material, including 8 brand new Missions for use with the Expedition Ship Board, the Wilderness Encounter Board, and some unique Campaign Story Missions. Heroes use the Gold and Dark Stone they collect on Missions to upgrade their Expedition Camp and Ship over the course of the Campaign, unlocking new options and powerful bonuses as the Darkness grows ever-stronger. Heroes explore the Campaign Map to reveal Adventure Locations, travel to OtherWorlds and back, hunting down Campaign Clues that lead you through the Story, and eventually (if you survive the perils thrown at you) reaching a climactic final push to defeat whichever powerful creature or sinister scheme the Darkness has unleashed upon the world!

Double-sided Expedition Ship and Wilderness Encounter Boards are used when your ship or camp is attacked by Enemies. Each of the three new Board types is double-sided, with unique content for Viking and Conquistador play. The Expedition Ship Board is a tactical Game Board for fighting off Enemies that attack your Ship and crew at sea, allowing you to move around the deck of the ship repelling boarders and protecting key areas of the ship and crew. This board features a Viking Long Ship on one side and a Spanish Tall Ship on the other. The Wilderness Encounter Board is a tactical Game Board for having battles on land as your Heroes trek through the uncharted territory on your journeys. It can also represent your Expedition Camp being attacked by Enemies! This board features a Snowy Forest on one side and Jungle Pathways on the reverse. The Campaign Map Board is a strategic Game Board for playing out the Campaign Rounds between Missions, allowing your Heroes to sail the seas on your Expedition Ship and make landfall to seek out Adventure Locations, progressing the story and launching narrative Missions as you explore the region. This board features an icy Norse Coast region on one side and a Jungle Island Chain on the reverse.

Two new Enemy types are included: Deep Stalkers are terrifying fish-men that climb aboard ships that stray into their oceanic domain, kidnapping the crew for their dark feedings. Leviathan Tentacles are the long, squid-like tentacles of a massive Leviathan, that rise up from the deep to attack Heroes at sea, or those that linger too close to the coastlines.

A set of Custom dice are included for dynamic travel around the Campaign Map, as well as for use in some Expedition Hazards and Camp Site Events. These Expedition Dice are marked with special Icons for Marching, Sailing, and Navigation, and determine how and where the Expedition can move during each Campaign Round.

In addition, the set contains all of the cards, rules and counters needed for Campaign play, with Camp Site Upgrades, Expedition Ship Upgrades, Plot Twists, Campaign Objectives, Story Threads, Enemy Lists, Expedition Hazard Charts for Land and for Sea, and 8 new Missions, to keep things exciting and ever-changing as you progress through the interactive story!

-description from Kickstarter campaign

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