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Rally Point Volume #19: ASL Starter Kit Special Study III
Rally Point Volume #19: ASL Starter Kit Special Study III
by Sherry Enterprises (2022)
Player Count
  • Dice
  • Wargame
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • World War II
  • Family
  • Advanced Squad Leader
  • Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit
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    Rally Point Volume 19: Starter Kit Special Study III is an ASL/ASL Starter Kit Compatible scenario pack that requires Starter Kits 1-4, Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 and Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1. Each scenario is fully compatible with full ASL rules and ASL Starter Kit Rules. These 10 scenarios were playtested with consideration for both rules sets and are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality, collector grade cardstock.

    RPT181 Changsha Chainsaw: CHANGSHA, China, 4 January 1942: A company sized element of the 10th Chinese Army with a supporting 70mm infantry gun defends the board k village against the 3rd Japanese Division which is attacking with 11 squads and a Type 92B light tank. Brook White designed this 5.5 turn scenario.

    RPT182 The Horiuchi Hustle: LANGOAN, Celebes Island, The Netherlands East Indies, 11 January 1942: The Japanese 1st Company, 1st Yokosuka Special Naval Landing Force, 41st Brigade attacks to capture an airfield defended by three platoons of Dutch infantry with a 40mm AA gun from Tactical Command Kakas, Koninklijk Nederlands Indische Leger. This scenario uses boards q and t. Game Length is 4.5 turns.

    RPT183 The Gotanda Gambit: BAKRI, Malaya, 18 January 1942: Three Type 95 Ha-Go tanks and a company of Japanese infantry from the Gotanda Tank Company and 5th Konoye Regiment, Imperial Guards Division attack to eliminate two Australian platoons of Company C, 2/29th Battalion, 45th Indian Infantry Brigade infantry and a 2-pounder AT gun that are defending a jungle road and village. This 4.5 turn scenario uses boards m and o.

    RPT184 Cadets at the Crossroads: TOLHEK, Java, The Netherlands East Indies, 6 March 1942: A company of Japanese infantry from the Wakamatsu Battle Group attack a reinforced Dutch platoon from the Paardekoper “Improvised” Company, Koninklijk Nederlands Indische Leger (KNIL) that is defending a road junction and then launches a small Dutch counterattack. This 4.5 turn scenario is set on boards i and m.

    RPT185 Sumatra Skirmish: PORSEA, Sumatra, The Netherlands East Indies, 14 March 1942: Group Van de Ploeg (consisting of two infantry platoons with two supporting Marmon Harrington armored cars) attempts to rescue the Porsea Garrison which is about to be surrounded by a Japanese infantry company from the Kokushi Detachment, Imperial Guards Division. Will Lieutenant Van de Ploeg rescue the garrison or will he have to stay and fight? This 5.5 turn scenario uses boards o and q.

    RPT186 The Nut Lane Blockhouse: NAMUR, Kwajalein Atoll, The Marshall Islands, 2 February 1944: Medal of Honor recipient LTC Aquilla J. Dyess leads the 1st Battalion Landing Team and Company L, 24th Marines and Company B, 4th Tank Battalion, 4th Marine Division in an attack to clear fortified buildings defended by the Japanese 61st Guard Force Dispatched Force. This scenario uses board l. Game length is 4.5 turns.

    RPT187 Herman’s Heater: Near LIMON, Leyte, Phillippines, 7 December 1944: Elements of 3rd Battalion, 127th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Infantry Division attacks with 19 squads to clear a ridge defended by a company of infantry from the Japanese 1st Division. Mike Augustine designed this 4.5 turn, action-packed demo charge and flamethrower thriller that uses boards m and n.

    RPT188 Plugged By Vlug: South of LIMON, Leyte, Phillippines, 15 December 1944: Mike Augustine designed this 5-turn gem that honors Medal of Honor recipient PFC Dirk Vlug and uses boards n and o. It features a company of Japanese infantry from the 1st Division attacking with five supporting Type 95 Ha-Go tanks to clear a village defended by the American 1st Battalion, 126th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Infantry Division.

    RPT189 Manila Madness: MANILA, near the Tondo District, 5 February 1945: The Tampa Group’s own Philippine scout, Hugh Downing designed this 5.5 turn gem. It features elements of the 145th Infantry, 37th Division (with two supporting M8 armored cars) attacking to clear the Japanese 1st Independent Naval Battalion from the town on boards j and k.

    RPT190 Tenacious Takikawa: MUTANCHIANG, Manchuria, China, 16 January 1943: Mike Augustine designed this 4.5-turn action that features Russians from the 1st Red Banner Army attacking with two companies of infantry (and three supporting T-34 tanks) to clear elements of the 278th Infantry Regiment and the Takikawa Battalion from multi-hex stone buildings on boards m and u.

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