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Qetchup Card Game
Qetchup Card Game
by WebCracker Inc. (2014)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
12 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Educational
  • Designers
  • Alistair Banerjee
  • Mechanisms
  • Set Collection
  • Hand Management
  • Artists
  • Alistair Banerjee
  • Family
  • Food / Cooking
  • Rating: 4.5/10 from 2 users


    Each player is dealt 8 cards and the remaining card are placed on the desk face-down to form a draw pile.
    The first player picks up a card from the draw pile and determines if it helps him in constructing his "meal" with the cards that he has, he then keeps the card and discards one...
    A meal is formed with 5 food cards: veggie + fruit + "protein" or meat card + juice or "drink" card + bread or "carb" card.

    After a player discards, play moves to the next person going clockwise...

    While constructing a meal, the player can substitute one card with the Q card. However, a veggie card can't be substituted as veggies make integral part of a healthy meal :)

    Once you've constructed a meal, put the meal on the desk for everyone to see. If you've used a Q card to substitute a food card (let's say your meal doesn't have a Fruit card and you've used a Q card to replace it), another player can insert a Fruit card on your meal as process of gradually discarding his cards...

    Aside from this function of substitution, Q card can be used: a) to neutralize a junk card that has been used to destroy a meal.
    b) with a Q card you can ask (during your turn) another player (whose turn is after you) to show you a random card from the ones that he is holding (you don't get to see the card before picking it) and you can decide 1) to keep the card for you and put your Q card on the discard pile OR 2) you can decide not to take the card from the other player and keep your Q card.

    Junk card: the only function of this card is to destroy a healthy meal. There's nothing healthy about junk food. Players can discard this card by using it to destroy someone else's meal. All you need to do is place a junk card next to a meal...
    The only way to neutralize a junk card is to put a put a Q card after it...Ex: if you have 3 cards in hand and you've already created a meal, and someone places a junk card on your meal, you can neutralize that junk card by placing a Q card on it (if you have one or are lucky to draw one)

    Unlike most other card games, Qetchup doesn't require you to always draw a card and discard one during your turn. While this is certainly an option for an intuitive game play, you can simply discard a card by using one of it's functions. Ex: by placing a junk card to mess up someone's meal OR using a food card to add to a meal where Q card has been used to substitute it( without having to pick another card from the draw pile).

    If you have a Restart card, you can use it to make any other player restart their game from scratch by choosing a fresh set of 8 cards (that even if he's constructed a meal | his entire meal and discard pile are then shuffled back in with the existing draw pile to form a new draw pile from which he gets 8 new cards) Restart card goes back in the discard pile.

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