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Postcard Bulge: Ardennes 1944
Postcard Bulge:  Ardennes 1944
by (Self-Published) (2021)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Wargame
  • World War II
  • Educational
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Lou Coatney
  • Mechanisms
  • Hex-and-Counter
  • Simulation
  • Dice Rolling
  • Press Your Luck
  • Grid Movement
  • Movement Points
  • Artists
  • Lou Coatney
  • Family
  • Country: Germany
  • Country: Belgium
  • Country: USA
  • World War 2: Battle of the Bulge
  • Free Wargames
  • Components: Postcard games
  • Rating: 6/10 from 1 users


    VERY fast and simple hex-and-counter postcard size/format boardgame about the December 1944 German Ardennes counteroffensive, using my previous, popular little Ardennes Petite map which I discovered fits *perfectly* on a postcard. 5 2-day turns. Plays in 30? minutes.

    As for Postcard Barbarossa 24 units/pieces. 10 German and 14 American. (There just wasn't space on the card for the British who were basically backup anyway.)

    A VERY simplified combat odds calculation system with an 50% chance of survival for any otherwise doomed unit, including even 14th Cavalry Group which was supposed to hold the Losheim Gap (obvious) offensive gateway, and which was stretched thin there, at that.

    Includes the push-your-luck 50% Pressed Attack/Desperate Defense combat option which can shift the odds one level for ... or against ... you.

    As in Postcard Barbarossa! and most of my other games, the Recovery from Disruption phase arises at different points for different unit types which can be critical.

    "Those damned Engineers!" blowing bridges can bring an early German breakthrough to an unforeseen halt, though.

    A Chinese translation to be worked up.

    NOTE: As long as you keep (only) my copyright statement, its Dedication, and my war&history quotes on it, you are - ANYone is - free to print off copies of my English language edition in postcard - 4"x6"/A6 or 5"x8"/A5 - format to send to family and friends or whomever.

    Of course, for your own personal copy, you will want to photocopy-enlarge its pieces and especially its mapboard.

    —description from the designer

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