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Pombie Lake is a game for two to six players that plays in 15-25 minutes. Each player starts from their “home” tile with a team of three photographers one boat and one driver. Photographers are dropped off in eight different types of locations that are home to eight different types of mythical creatures.
You and rival photography teams have traveled to this remote area at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in France to capture shots of Yetis, Chupacabras, giant sand worms, shadowy lake creatures and more. The first player to get a convincing portfolio back to their publisher wins fame and fortune, and the game!
The remote area makes long-distance communication impossible, so you are very much on your own. Technology is limited to film cameras and walkie-talkies. The creatures can overwhelm members of your team and rival photojournalists are looking to thwart your efforts.
The board is comprised of pentagonal location tiles with a four tile lake in the middle. Each player starts their turn by moving their vehicle up to four times, dropping off and picking up their photographers and boats as they go. Each player ends their turn by drawing the top card for the creature deck. The deck has been shuffled and contains six cards of each monster and four identical “full moon” cards. When the full moon is drawn, the next three creature cards are drawn before the next player takes their turn.
If one creature emerges on a location you occupy, you capture a picture token when you successfully leave that location. If that location activates twice, that photographer or boat has been, gulp!, overwhelmed…
Pombie Lake is fast paced and presents many agonizing decisions as players try to balance speed with safety. Players need to be alert as everyone is possibly affected by everyone else’s turn.

Along with the base game, an expansion is included that grants each team a special advantage. The expansion is a small stack of 6 tiles.
Each team randomly draws 1 at the beginning of the game.
Advantages include:
1. Harpoon Boat
Boat will be sunk by three creatures, not two.
2. Telephoto Lens Photographer
Can capture shots from adjacent tiles. Must be placed on joining edge of adjacent tile to capture. Will not die if adjacent tile is activated twice, they are not in harm's way.
3. Turbocharged vehicles
Five moves per turn.
4. Larger photography team
Fourth photographer on your team.
5. Creature Descendant Photographer,
Not killed by creatures EXCEPT UFO.
Special Power (kin warning/hex): disable one location tile
by laying red square token.
Able to move anywhere on land, will be killed by 3 creatures, not 2.

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