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Pièces MontéeS is 20 minutes card game for 2 to 4 players.

Players are pastry chefs who compete in a cake baking contest.
They will try to prepare as many pièces montées as possible.
Each pièce montée is made of 3 cards (a base, a middle and a top one) and can be prepared with a chocolate or a cream topping.

The game use an original game system based on double sided cards. For example, if on one side there is a part of the red cake with chocolate topping, on the other side you will have an other part of the same cake with cream topping.

During the game this system offers a lot of interaction between players as during his turn a player can either play with the sides of the cards he see in his hand but also with the sides of the cards he sees at the back of others player's hands.

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