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Operation Storm-333


Operation Storm-333 is a solitaire game depicting the 1979 Soviet coup in Kabul that initiated the Afghan-Soviet War. The game consists of two phases: the Planning Phase and the Execution Phase.

During the Planning Phase, the player recruits and uses Key Leaders from the KGB, GRU, and the Army to mobilize tactical units for 8 specific targets, collect intelligence, perform special tasks, and conduct rehearsals. Random events and player activities may affect the level of operational support from the Power Ministries, the alert level of the Afghan defenders, and the intelligence available on each target.

At the conclusion of the Planning Phase, the player starts the Execution Phase. During this phase, the player completes 8 tactical missions with the assigned Key Leaders and tactical units in sequential order on point-2-point maps. A unique version of chit-activation determines initiative to ensure a fluid combat system. The player has at their disposal KGB spetsnaz, GRU special troops, and Airborne (VDV) infantry and armored fighting vehicles.

Victory points are measured by the views of Politburo, General Staff, GRU, KGB, the Afghan Government, the Afghan people, the United States, and the international community on the operation's outcome.

-description from designer

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