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Odin Quest
Odin Quest
by (Web published), Air and Nothingness Press (2016)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
45 minutes to 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Fantasy
  • Dice
  • Adventure
  • Mythology
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Todd Sanders
  • Mechanisms
  • Hand Management
  • Dice Rolling
  • Press Your Luck
  • Artists
  • Todd Sanders
  • Family
  • Mythology: Norse
  • Players: Solitaire Only Card Games
  • Rating: 6.59/10 from 23 users


    Before the assembled host Óðinnasagrim sat upon his golden throne and addressed you, kneeling before him ...
    Child of the Aesir, our truest arrow, our lauded weorðmyndum, you have lived among us since your birthing and, in that time, you have become favored by the allfather. ragnarok approaches... we can feel it in the wind... while the Aesir and Vanir prepare for the coming chaos, we ask you to venture forth into the nine realms and stop all that threatens our borders. We will lend what support and allies as we can. Find the knowledge we seek and be rewarded...

    Odin Quest is a solitaire game of Myths and Omens with artwork by Todd Sanders on 90 tarot sized playing cards which plays in about an hour of time.

    Needed to play:
    90 game cards • 1 player marker • 7 six-sided dice
    13 black, 12 red, 12 yellow, 1 white and 1 blue cubes used as tokens

    Separate the 7 decks of cards into separate marked decks: Ward, Event, Ally, Foe, Conflict, Realms and your Action cards.

    Deal the 9 Realms + Valhöll in a ring, face up.

    Shuffle the Ward, Event, Ally, Foe and Conflict decks, placing them below the Realms as draw piles. Draw and place, face down, a number of cards as directed by the icons and dots on the Realm cards above the Realms in a stack.

    Phases of Play:
    1. Explore: From your current Realm you may move one Realm either clockwise or counter clockwise. You may also move to the Asbrú card (if this side is currently face up), rotating Asbrú so the top of the card is aligned with your current Realm. You may then cross the ring to the card opposite to the bottom of the Asbrú card. After doing so, flip the Asbrú card to the Mimisbrunnr side.

    At the new Realm, turn over any face down cards which are above it in order, one by one. Put any Foe cards that Events have had you place in this or another Realm on top of the stack of cards.

    There are two types of Realms in Odin Quest:
    Light Realms, where you will find Allies
    Dark Realms where you will find Foes

    At each Realm you may also encounter Events or find Wards. Occasionally new Foes will be placed on Realms you have already visited.

    2. Encounter: At the occupied Realm you will encounter the stack of cards above that Realm. Turn each over one by one and encounter each separately. Any previously active Foes at this Realm will be encountered first, then the rest of the card stack.

    When Encountering Events - Follow the directions on the card. Most Events usually add Omen Tokens - Doom, Fear or Greed to the Event or to neighboring cards.

    When Encountering Foes - At each Realm, if a Foe or Foes is encountered, draw one Conflict card. This card is used for all Foes in the Realm and will give each Foe a base value for the encounter as well as a Special Action which overrides other rule texts. Next, roll 7 dice, placing them in numerical order from low to high and adding their specified values to the base value for that Foe. This will be the Foe’s Encounter Value.

    You may now play Action Cards, Allies and Wards from your hand with some restrictions. Once you have played your combination of cards, roll the dice as shown on your Action cards, and on any Ally or Ward cards, adding together the total for your Encounter Value. Your Encounter Value must be higher than the Foe value to succeed in the Encounter.

    When Encountering Allies - When encountering an Ally you may only use your Action and Ward cards in the Encounter. Similar rules apply to calculating the Ally Encounter Value and your Encounter value as they did for encountering a Foe. You do not draw a Conflict card when encountering Allies.

    3. Resolution: After all encounters are resolved the Realm is considered “Cleared” if no Foes remain there. This Realm will never have new Foes, Omen tokens or Events placed on it. If a future Event has you placing Omen tokens, skip this Realm. Any Events on this Realm will remain here however as well any current Omen tokens. You may only remove these Omen tokens as your success in the game allows. Turn the Realm 90 degrees in the ring to signal it is cleared. You may move through this Realm during the 1. Explore phase if you so choose.

    4. Quest End: The game ends after you have cleared all Nine Realms and defeated all Foes. Valhöll, where you began your quest, never needs to be cleared.

    If you ever have 2 or fewer Action cards remaining in your hand and discard pile combined OR there are currently more than 18 Omen tokens on the Realms and/or Foes, your quest ends and you have lost.

    If you have defeated all Foes and have 3 or more Action cards in your hand and discard pile combined, you have won and may calculate your victory points based on certain conditions.

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