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Nebula Rush
Nebula Rush
by DM3 Games, Inc. (2020)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 3 hours
  • Science Fiction
  • Pirates
  • Space Exploration
  • Designers
  • Don McKay
  • Mechanisms
  • Modular Board
  • Hex-and-Counter
  • Card Play Conflict Resolution
  • Kill Steal
  • Moving Multiple Units
  • Deduction
  • Artists
  • Don McKay
  • Family
  • Category: Print on Demand
  • Rating: 10/10 from 3 users


    Nebula Rush is a game of exploration on continuously changing game maps for 2 to 4 players. Sail your Pirate Guild’s ships through The Whirly Swirly Neb, gathering resources, avoiding storms and gales, and collecting clues and rumors as to the location of “The Kracken’s” hidden treasure. A game that is Half Sleuth game, Half Exploration, and Half Combat, Nebula Rush keeps you on the edge of your seat as you race to search, locate and claim "The Kracken's" treasure.

    On each turn, players either draw a Ship Appearance Card (which can put the ship and any player's game board) or keep their ship out of play. The you fight, draw treasure and rumors, buy items for your ships and discard resource cards if necessary.

    All players start with 3 Ships in their Guild totaling a Manifest value of 13. If the Player has more Befallen Cards + SRS Resource Cards in their hand than their Guild's Manifest value, they discard to the Manifest value.

    When a Player has a completed one of the multiple Treasure Maps AND has one of their Ships in the System Hex of the completed Treasure Map, they claim "The Kraken's" Treasure and become Master of The Neb.

    The primary means for the player to win is to claim "The Kraken's" Treasure. Other ways to win are to eliminate all other Player Ships, or to have all 6 Legendary Captains (a type of Befallen Card) on each of their Ships.

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