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Mystic Arts
by Luma World (2020)
Player Count
3 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
20 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Fantasy
  • Educational
  • Designers
  • (Uncredited)
  • Mechanisms
  • Hand Management
  • Card Drafting
  • Press Your Luck
  • Take That
  • TRN-05 Claim Turn Order
  • Deduction
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    Discover the world of magic and become the master of spells. Gain special powers to create the powerful potions of the great wizards and witches. Use magical ingredients along with unique spells to cleverly outwit other mages. Your acumen and craft will help you gain victory in this fast paced, dual round tactical game. Leave everyone spellbound with your wizardry and rule the supernatural world!

    In Mystic Arts, players duel to win powerful potions of great wizards and witches. The goal is to be the first player to win two good potions.

    There are 3 types of cards - Ingredient cards, Spell cards. Potion cards. The ingredient cards are of 3 types: length, volume and weight cards. Spell cards are special power cards that can help you win a potion. you can play these for yourself or against an opponent. Some spell cards have the link symbol these cards attach to the ingredient card that is played. The potion cards are of 2 types: good potions and bad potions. Players must win the good potions and avoid the bad potions.

    To setup the game: shuffle the ingredient cards and spell cards, separately, and distribute 8 ingredient cards and 4 spell cards to each player. These are the hand cards. Shuffle the potion cards and keep them face down in the center. Player with the highest dice roll gets the player token and starts the first round. Then the player token will move clockwise after each round is completed.

    In one round of play: Open the topmost potion card. First is the ingredient round. Each player places an ingredient card, face down, in front of them. If it is a good potion, players must play an ingredient card that is closest to any one value on the potion card. If it is a bad potion, players must play an ingredient card that is farthest to any one value on the potion card.

    Remember, you can play only 1 ingredient card and once played you cannot change it. You must play your ingredient card face down. The type of ingredient card you play can be used only for the same type on the potion card. for e.g. value on the length card matches only with the length value on the potion card. You cannot use value of a length card for the value of weight on the potion card. Closest or farthest does not mean it needs to be less than the value, it could be greater also.

    Next, the ingredient cards are opened one at a time, starting with the first player and moving clockwise. Each player must call out the difference between the value of their ingredient card and the corresponding value on the potion card. Next is the spell round. Players will place their spell cards face down in front of them. Playing a spell card is optional. The spell cards are opened one at a time starting with the first player. Each time a spell card is opened perform the action written on it. the turn moves clockwise similar to the ingredient round. After all the spell cards are opened, the ingredient cards in front of each player are compared with their corresponding values on the potion cards. The player with the smallest difference between the ingredient value and the value on the potion card, gets the potion card. This applies to good potions and bad potions. If more than one player has the same difference, then the winner is decided by rolling the dice.

    This ends one round of play and all the played cards are discarded. the player token is passed clockwise to the next player. Open a new potion card. If a player gets a bad potion, they cannot play a spell card in the next round. The first player to win 2 good potions, wins the game.

    Mystic Arts is an amazing game of strategy, decision making and planning all woven together with exceptional twists. Players of all ages will relish this highly engaging and creative game. This is the perfect family entertainer which also helps acquire a plethora of essential life skills and moral values. Enjoy with your dear ones as they combine their math knowledge with exciting spells to conquer the wizarding world!

    -description from publisher

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